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Neighborhood Revitalization

Strong, well-maintained neighborhoods are a critical facet of overall community well-being, and quality of life for Montgomery County residents. The Neighborhood Revitalization section promotes healthy and sustainable communities in a variety of ways.

The Focused Neighborhood Assistance Program began in 2009 to comprehensively address community needs as identified by residents and other stakeholders in geographically-defined areas, or “Focus Areas.”  The first two Focus Areas – the Mid-County Focus Area (in the Glenmont area of Wheaton) and the Up-County Focus Area (in the Gunners Lake/Waring Station area of Germantown) were the first to receive assistance.   Assistance may be provided by DHCA directly to address housing needs, through providing services such as concentrated housing code enforcement or below-market interest rate loans for housing rehabilitation or it may be geared to enhancing other community services through collaboration with public and private partners.

Commercial revitalization or modernization of older commercial areas, either central business districts or smaller, neighborhood shopping centers complements residential neighborhood assistance.

Neighborhood Revitalization Projects

Silver Spring

East County

Mid County