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Residential Parking Permit

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1. How do we secure Residential Permit Parking in our area?

2. How are the boundaries for residential permit parking established?

3. What are the types of permits and what is the cost of each type?

4. What hours are permits required?

5. What should I do if I am expecting a large number of visitors on short notice?

6. Report Enforcement Issues

7. New residents in a Residential Permit Area currently in the process of applying for a permit.

8. I was following the residential permit regulations but my visitor, new car, contractor tractor, etc. was ticketed anyway. How do I appeal this?

9. I just sold my car. Do I need to pay for another permit or can I get a replacement? Or, I lost my permanent permit - what do I do?

10. What should I do when there are additional visitors (guest and/or family members) or repairmen/contractor's who need parking near my home?

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