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   Montgomery County Department of Transportation
   Division of Parking Management  


Residential Parking Permit

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1. What are the types of permits and what is the cost of each type?

2. What hours are permits required?

3. What should I do if I am expecting a large number of visitors on short notice?

4. Report Enforcement Issues

5. New residents in a Residential Permit Area currently in the process of applying for a permit.

6. I was following the residential permit regulations but my visitor, new car, contractor tractor, etc. was ticketed anyway. How do I appeal this?

7. I just sold my car. Do I need to pay for another permit or can I get a replacement? Or, I lost my permanent permit - what do I do?

8. What should I do when there are additional visitors (guest and/or family members) or repairmen/contractor's who need parking near my home?



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