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240-453-0113 (Credit Cards only)

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Parking Citation Services Mailing Address

Montgomery County
Parking Citation Services
P.O. Box 1426
Rockville, MD 20849-1426

Parking Violation Notice

Failure to either pay the fine due or to elect a court date within fifteen calendar days may result in your vehicle being immobilized or impounded or your vehicle registration being withheld. Additional fees will be charged for each action. Within 15 calendar days of issue pay "FINE" amount; after 15 calendar days pay first "LATE" amount. Pay second "LATE" amount after 45 calendar days.

How to Avoid a Parking Violation

  • Display Parking Permit clearly and visible to the Enforcement Officer.
  • Pay for the meters before the time expires.
  • Carpool permits may park only in the signs indicating "Carpool Permit Parking Only"
  • Display proper Residential Permit (Resident Permit, Permanent Visitor Permit, or Temporary Visitor Permit).
  • Only vehicles displaying valid handicap tags or placards may park at a space reserved for Handicap parking .
  • Observe time limits on meters.
Parking Management · Montgomery County Department of Transportation · 240-777-8740 · Fax: 240-777-8720 · 100 Edison Park Dr · 4th Floor · Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878 ·
For any MCDOT service requests, call 311. Outside the county, call 240-777-0311 or submit via the website.   For website issues, broken links or comments, please email us(does not handle service requests).
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