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Mont. Co. DOT has developed this WWW interface to the County's ATMS VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEM that allows you to view our traffic monitoring cameras.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Cameras Listed by Route and Area 

16th & Spring St (NEW)
Colesville Rd. (US 29) & Dale Dr. (MD 391)
Colesville Rd. (US 29) & Fenton St.
Colesville Rd. (US 29) & Franklin Ave.
Colesville Rd. (US 29) & Lockwood Dr.
Colesville Rd. (US 29) & I-495 
Colesville Rd. (US 29) & University Blvd. (MD 193)
Colesville Rd. (MD 384) & Wayne Ave. / Second Ave.
Columbia Pike (US 29) & Randolph Rd.
Columbia Pike (US 29) & Stewart La.
Connecticut Ave. (MD 185) & Aspen Hill Rd.
Connecticut Ave. (MD 185) & East-West Hwy (MD 410)
Connecticut Ave. (MD 185) & Georgia Ave. (MD 97)
Connecticut Ave. (MD 185) & I-495
Connecticut Ave. (MD 185) & Jones Bridge Rd.
Connecticut Ave. (MD 185) & Randolph Rd.
Connecticut Ave. (MD 185) & University Blvd. (MD 193)
East West Hwy. (MD 410) & Georgia Ave.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & 16th St.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Aspen Hill Rd.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Bel Pre Rd.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Connecticut Ave.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Dennis Ave.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Emory La.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Norbeck Rd.
Georgia Ave. & East-West Hwy. (MD.410)
Georgia Ave. (MD 97 & Forest Glen Rd.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Olney-Laytonsville Road (MD 108)
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Plyers Mill Rd.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Randolph Rd.
Georgia Ave. & Spring St.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97 & Urbana Dr.
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & University Blvd. (MD 193)
Georgia Ave. (MD 97) & Veirs Mill Rd.
Georgia Ave. & Wayne Ave.
New Hampshire Ave (MD 650) & Adelphi
New Hampshire Ave. (MD 650) & Ashton Rd (MD108)
New Hampshire Ave. (MD 650) & Bonifant/Good Hope
New Hampshire Ave. (MD 650) & Ednor
New Hampshire Ave. (MD 650) & Lockwood Drive.
New Hampshire Ave. (MD 650) & Norbeck Rd & MD 198
New Hampshire Ave. (MD 650) & Powder Mill Rd.
New Hampshire Ave. (MD 650) & Randolph Rd.
MD 108 & Prince Philip Dr.
MD 108 & Dr. Bird
Randolph Rd & Kemp Mill Rd
Randolph Rd & Tamarack
Randolph Rd & Serpentine
Woodfield (MD 124) & Airpark Rd
University Blvd. (MD 193) & Arcola Ave.
University Blvd. (MD 193) & Williamsburg Dr. {East of Four Corners
University Blvd. & Lorain Ave. {West of Four Corners}
University Blvd. & I-495 
University Blvd (MD 193) & Piney Branch Rd (MD 320)

Camera Titling Convention (i.e. Which way is that camera pointing?)

Our surveillance cameras have built in titling that show up as characters at the top of the picture. These titles change depending on which way we choose to have the camera pointing. You may recognize these titles from your morning news. Many local TV stations receive video from us and include it in their morning traffic reports. Most cameras will be pointed in one direction in the AM rush hours, and in another direction in the PM rush hours. Any time there is a traffic incident within range of our cameras, we may point the camera in that direction.

The convention used in our titling is very simple. Most cameras are located at the intersection of two roads. Both road names generally will be in the title, with the road actually in view as the first name. For example: "I-495 - River S" is a title you typically see on the camera at River Rd. and the Beltway (I-495). Since the camera view is looking at I-495, that name shows up first, and the nearest cross street to the camera location (in this case River Rd.) shows up second. The "S" at the end of the title indicates the direction the camera is actually pointing. This is a general compass direction, you will only see N, S, E or W.


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