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MCtime Information and Support

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This form is used to submit corrections for timecards that have already been processed and signed off by Payroll.  The form must be approved and submitted by a department manager.  Managers may email the completed form to the Payroll mailbox at Forms may also be faxed to 240-777-8843 and must reflect the manager's signature.

This form is used to request an expansion to the level of access granted to department managers for span of control or back up manager purposes.  By default, managers may only view their direct reports.  The Special Access Request form must be approved by the Department Director or designee and submitted to the MCtime Office for processing.

This form may be used by employees to manually track hours worked in situations where the MCtime system may not be available.  For example, when a new employee is hired, the MCtime timecard may not be available until several days following their hire date.  This form should not be submitted to Payroll as an official timecard document unless the employee and manager are instructed to do so by the Payroll Office.

This form is used to update the pre-populated hours that display on the timecard for any regular full time or part time employee.  Schedule changes are submitted only when the pre-populated hours should be changed on a permanent basis as opposed to one or two pay periods only.  The form must be approved and submitted by a department manager.

This form is used to assign non-exempt employees and exempt employees in grade 24 or below positions to one of the four County authorized Compressed Schedules that provide for an employee to work eight 9 hour days,  one 8 hour day and an alternating Monday or Friday off during the pay period.  The form must be  approved and submitted by a department manager.

This form is used by Department Directors to delegate their signing authority on MCtime forms to other department managers.  Typically, this signing authority is delegated to a small number of managers within a department.  The Department Director Delegation form must be approved and submitted by the department director or agency head.

 All forms should be sent to the MCtime Office via: