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Show the project location in google map 23200 Stringtown Road, Clarksburg, MD 20871

clarksburg Library

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Project Team

Montgomery County Government
Department of General Services

Division of Building Design & Construction

Division Chief: Hamid Omidvar, AIA
[email protected]
Section Chief: Randall Hawkins, RA
Project Manager: Norman Wang, RA

Architect / Engineer




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Current Phase: Planning

clarksburg Library
clarksburg Library

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This project provides for a new library in the Clarksburg area. The new facility will be located at 23200 Stringtown Road, Clarksburg, MD 20871. A new library is necessary in this area due to the present and projected population density for the Clarksburg area.

A new library is necessary in this area due to the present and projected population density for the Clarksburg area. The site offers direct access to public transportation along Frederick Rd. and is a large site which allows for a single-story building with higher degree of accessibility and simpler operation of the library.

The Department's Strategic Facilities Plan (1998 - 2003) recognized the need for library services in the Clarksburg area, including a needs assessment completed in 2001.The Department confirms that the Clarksburg area continues to meet the criteria for a new facility, as outlined in the Department's Facilities Plan 2013-2016.

The Clarksburg Library will be responsible for providing a full range of public library services to the Clarksburg community. The service area of the library is primarily M-NCPPC Planning Area 13. Based upon the demographics of the community, the following services and materials are needed to meet the needs of users: reference services; information services and professional guidance in accessing material for children and adults; a broad-based circulating collection on a wide variety of subjects; a sizable selection of popular print and non-print materials; sources to supplement the school curriculum from early childhood education through the high school level; linkage to the library system electronic databases and the internet as a whole; referrals to other sources of information; programming activities to supplement and enrich other services are required; and a public meeting room to meet programming needs and for community use.

The new library will be constructed in accordance with the requirements for County’s most recent library projects. The public library offers free and equal access to services and resources to assist the people of Montgomery County in finding ideas and information to sustain and enrich their lives.

The library will serve as the community connection hub to ideas, learning, and the exchange of information. It will improve the community through facilitating knowledge creation, informing the community, and inspiring lifelong learning and collaboration.

Architectural and Construction Images

Architectural and Construction Images

Laundry 131

Conference Room 119

Main Lobby 101

Architectural and Construction Images

Reception/Admin. & Staff Work Area 142 & 142A

Main Lobby 101

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