ATMS Monitoring — Traffic Surveillance Cameras

CameraMontgomery County's ATMS includes a planned 200 camera system that is being built in coordination with the implementation of the FiberNet project. There are currently 160 cameras on line with automated pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. Video cameras provide the (Transportation Management Center) TMC with valuable information about traffic flow through the system. The cameras are used to provide live video snap-shots of traffic conditions to internet users, helping people plan their trip route, path and mode (

 Video from the traffic surveillance cameras is shared with the media and other government agencies. The County Police and Fire & Rescue Emergency Communications Center (ECC) frequently use the video to aid them in incident response. The Division of Highway Services also has a video feed from the TMC to monitor road conditions, especially useful in adverse weather.

 Local broadcast television stations (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and News Channel 8) have dedicated links directly from the TMC. The TMC also shares its video with the Maryland Statewide Operations Center (SOC) and the Federal Highway Administration.


camera joy stickBENEFITS:

  • Real time video broadcast to the TMC and available to any agency
  • Interface with Broadcast Media · Invaluable tool for incident management
  • Allows greater ability to manage traffic flow