Vision Zero Information and Resources

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Ways to Make Your Streets Safer  

Pedestrian and Street Safety Resources

  • Dangerous intersections and traffic calming: To report a dangerous intersection or request traffic calming measures for your neighborhood send an email to: [email protected]

  • Interested in requesting a sidewalk for your neighborhood? Let's go over the process. The first step is to fill out the sidewalk request form on the Department of Transportation's website. Once the Department of Transportation receives a proposal, the initial comment period begins. During this period, affected residents have the ability and are encouraged to submit comments and ask questions. Residents have the ability to schedule a field meeting with Department of Transportation staff. The department conducts public hearings which also give residents the opportunities to voice their opinions on the proposal. The conclusion of the public hearing signifies the closing of the comment period. Finally, after the comment period closes, the Hearing Officer analyzes all documents and data, prepares recommendations, and transmits those recommendations to the Director of the Department of Transportation for approval or rejection of the sidewalk proposal. 

  • State Roads: Did you know that numbered roads like Georgia Ave. (Route 97), Old Georgetown Road (Route 187), and New Hampshire Ave (Route 650), etc. are maintained by the State Highway Administration and not Montgomery County? To request service on state-maintained roads follow the link below:

Watch the Conference 

  • Watch Councilmemember Evan Glass, Congressman Anthony Brown and community members  discuss road safety, the county's efforts to implement Vision Zero and how residents can best advocate for safer streets:


Vision Zero Introductory Video