What is a Village?

  •  Villages are a local, volunteer-led, grassroots organizations that aim to support community members who choose to age-in-place.  They foster social connections through activities and events and coordinate volunteer help at home using neighbor helping neighbor model .
  • There are close to 200 villages es in the nation and around fifty in the DC metro region. 
  • Each village is unique and reflects the character, interests and needs of the community that creates it. The village leadership decides what it would offer and how it would operate.
  • Some villages choose an intergenerational model that serves all members of the community.  Examples of such villages are the  Bannockburn NAN,   Village of Takoma Park and  Wyngate NHN. Some villages have paid staff in addition to volunteers and charge a membership fee, other Villages are all volunteer and have no fee. 

     Montgomery County Villages Collective Imapct Report 2021-22

What Does The Village Offer?                   ​

Villages offer volunteer help to their members. Volunteers offer transportation to medical appointments, services, groceries and more. Volunteers may also help with simple tasks at home. Examples include small repairs, changing light bulbs, providing cooked meals to a sick neighbor and laundry help for someone just out of the hospital.

Villages focus on building social connections. They organize events, large and small, that are of interest to their community.  Villages may organize book clubs, walking groups, knitting clubs, guest speaker events, group outings and so much more. Many Village events can take place at a neighbor’s home; others can take place at a local church, synagogue, mosque, library or community recreation center.  Villages often partner and connect with other local organizations and develop programs together.

Who Creates the Village?

People like you!  Villages are created by residents of the community, people who have a vision for an improved quality of life for all.  Every new Village starts with a vision and with a dedicated core of individuals ready and willing to make that vision a reality.  This is not one person's job but a community effort.

Montgomery County is committed to support local initiatives.  Please see the  list of local resources to get you started.

 Little Falls Village Group Members at an outing
Little Falls Village member