Resources For Active and Developing Villages

Audience at the keynote address at the 2016 village gathering

Villages rely on one another for knowledge and wisdom. They meet regularly to share information.   
If you are interested in starting a new village or learn how to grow  and sustain your village, this page is for you!  Below you will find information on what Montgomery County has to offer.

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1.    2018 Villages Annual Report
2.    2017 Villages Annual Report
3.    2016 Villages Annual Repor t  
3.    2015 Villages Annual Report
5.   Downloadable Villages Brochure . You may print this brochure for use in your community, or contact the Village Coordinator to obtain copies.

5.   Village Status Update (Power Point Presentation June 2014) . A power point presentation to County Council HHS committee in June 2014. It offers an overview of local village developments and the challenges they face.