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Will Jawando


Will Jawando
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His is a career crafted by a unique combination of grit, compassion, and integrity. Born to a Nigerian father and white Kansan mother in Silver Spring, Md., Will’s bi-racial identity gave him an appreciation for the varied experiences life in America can bring. Raised in a low-income household, he was determined to secure a successful future for himself through the pathway of education. When he was a teenager, however, tragedy struck when one of his best friends was killed in a senseless act of gun violence.

The aftermath of this ordeal would be the catalyst that would solidify Will’s commitment to becoming an agent of change through public service. With unwavering dedication, he earned a B.A. in Sociology from Catholic University of America (CUA) and completed his J.D. from the prestigious CUA Columbus School of Law. While attending CUA, he started the first NAACP chapter on their campus – a move that would chart the course for his burgeoning career in law and politics. Described as “the progressive leader we need” by revered civil rights activist and Congressman, John Lewis, Will has worked with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Sherrod Brown, and then-Senator Barack Obama. During the 8-year Obama Administration, Will had the honor of serving as Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, followed by a position as an advisor to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in the U.S. Department of Education. He has worked tirelessly to ensure a quality education, opportunities for prosperity and guaranteed civil rights are available to every American.

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