CountyStat is the performance management and data analytics team for Montgomery County (MD) Government. Established in 2007 under the Office of County Executive and shifted to the Office of Management and Budget in 2020, CountyStat uses an outcome-focused performance framework to strategically monitor, assess, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of County services. Employing analytics skills and tools, CountyStat leverages administrative and public data to help County departments solve problems and develop targeted action plans and strategies to deliver results for our residents.

Beyond our oversight role, CountyStat’s work as internal consultants ranges from one-off analyses to long-term strategic initiatives, ensuring that our organization thoughtfully uses data to make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes – and champions accountability and transparency. CountyStat also serves as a forum to convene stakeholders to promote collaboration across organizational boundaries and address cross-cutting multi-departmental efforts that share a common goal.

Collectively, our work is designed to ensure, on behalf of County leadership, the development and growth of a culture of “managing for results” in Montgomery County.


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Projects and Products

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Featured Projects


Adult Literacy

Adult English education is a critical resource for County residents for whom English is not their native tongue. This product maps efforts to provide sufficient opportunities for literacy classes and identifies areas of growth.


Aging and Vulnerability Dashboards

CountyStat mapped and analyzed economic challenges facing our senior communities to help locate priority areas for aid. Click the image to explore the project.


Covid-19 Surveillance

This dashboard displays the relevant metrics used to track the spread of Covid-19 in Montgomery County, Maryland.


Community Livibility Survey

Montgomery County conducted a Livability Survey to better understand resident views on quality of life in the County. Explore the results and see trends that point to positive progress and priorities for improvement.


MC Insights

This map-based data tool enables government staff and policymakers, residents, community partners, and advocates to explore the demographics and community assets located in Montgomery County to assist with planning and operations.


Vision Zero

Montgomery County was one of the first County governments to initiate a Vision Zero plan. The County is working to reduce severe and fatal collision on County roads by 35 percent for vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and bicyclists by 2019.


Food Security

CountyStat partnered with the Montgomery County Food Council and Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services to develop an interactive tool that explores data pertaining to the County’s Food Insecure residents and the efforts that our County and Community are taking in fighting hunger.


Food Security Analysis

The Montgomery County Food Security Plan
is the blueprint for how every local business, nonprofit, government agency and resident can contribute to ensuring all County residents
have access to sufficient and nutritious food.


Self-Sufficiency Standard

CountyStat partnered with the County’s Community Action Partnership to build an interactive dashboard to determine how much income a family of a certain composition in a given place needs to adequately meet their basic needs – without public or private assistance.