Personal Services

These “Personal Services Establishments” may open, by appointment only, to provide personal services:

  • hair salons,
  • barbershops, and
  • establishments that provide
    • tanning,
    • tattoo,
    • waxing,
    • threading,
    • electrolysis,
    • cryotherapy,
    • facial and other skin services,
    • massage, and
    • nail technician services.

These physical precautions must be met and followed:

  • General Operating Requirements;
  • All staff providing services are required wear gloves, and any other Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) as appropriate to their workplace and provided service;
    • Gloves are required when Personal Services Staff are working directly with a client.
    • Staff performing front desk or clerical functions where they are not touching a client are not required to wear gloves.
  • limit of 1 customer for every 200 sq. ft of service delivery space or 25% occupancy, whichever number is lower;
  • Limit of 1 customer in a waiting area at a time, and other customers waiting for appointments must wait outside the Personal Services Establishments; and
  • Follow the State’s Best Practices for Personal Service Establishments (PDF) as amended from time to time.

Hair salons and barbers may provide a full range of hair services for hair on a person’s head.

Licensed massage therapists providing massage therapy in health care settings, as defined in Title 6 of the Health Occupations Article of the Maryland Code, are allowed to be open.

Protective Measures Checklist for printing (image)

Best Practices for Personal Services to Reopen (PDF), State of Maryland