Updated May 17, 2021

All Retail Establishments (including large retail and grocery stores) may open provided:

Businesses and Workplaces Toolkit, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Curbside Retailers Checklist

Curbside Retailers Checklist for printing (image)

Business owners should assess whether they are ready to open in a modified posture, while adhering to public health guidance.

Operations checklist

In developing an operations plan, it should address the following:

Create sitemap (including location of business staff, propose signage of requirements, queue spacing among customers, entry and exits to the line, hand-sanitizer stations (if applicable)).

  • Ensure proper sanitization protocols and supplies to include:
    • Sanitize carts, pens, and other commonly use shopping materials between customers
    • Provide hand sanitizer in areas of high contact (e.g. at checkout counters)
    • Ensure mask and glove use by employees
    • Allow multiple ways to pay, including mobile applications
  • Prepare online ordering or reservations systems whenever possible to keep customer logs to facilitate contact tracing
  • Speak with your staff to assess who is ready and willing to return and inform them of your plan operations

Implementation checklist

In developing an implementation plan, it should address the following:

  • Communication strategy, both before and during hours of operation, to inform the public and staff of the safety requirements
  • Communication strategy regarding safety requirements for customers, both before and during hours of operation
  • Method for monitoring and ensuring compliance with safety requirements for employees
  • Proposed implementation measures should an employee or employer fail to comply with safety requirements and
  • Staffing needed to address concerns or potential violations - show location on - site plan

Closure plan checklist

In the event retail operations must modify due to a health incident or executive order, the business should be prepared to initiate a closure plan. The closure plan should address the following:

  • Proposed steps to close
  • If closure or modified operations is mandated through an executive order, ensure full steps are taken to comply with the order
  • Communications to employees and customers about the modified operations or closure and
  • Continue to monitor guidance from Montgomery County Government at