Updated 5/18/2021

Play and games with teams from outside of Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia is allowed.

Organized youth sports

All organized youth sports may be played either indoors or outdoors only after a COVID Protocol Plan is approved by the County Health Officer or the Officer’s designee.

  • The Plan must align with guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), and Montgomery County.
  • An organized youth sports league that was approved to operate under a prior Board of Health Regulation and was not classified as a high risk sport does not need a new COVID Protocol Plan approved for any event that complies with the gathering limits and restrictions of the prior approval.

A Letter of Approval must be obtained before any tournaments, championships, or events are held in Montgomery County that are expected to exceed guidelines.

All organized sports played in the County must comply with the gathering guidelines above, including

  • participating athletes limited to those listed on the official roster as determined through the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) or the organization’s governing body or league,
  • coaches, and
  • up to 12 additional participants acting in an official game capacity.


Spectators may be permitted at a sports event if

The health officer or the officer’s designee may approve a COVID Protocol Plan that includes more spectators for an event if the officer finds that the plan provides for reasonable safety for all participants.

Sports played outside of an organized league

Sports played outside of an organized league must follow social gathering guidelines. All persons must follow face covering guidance whenever social distancing is not an option.

Sports activities played outside of an organized league Allowed number of people present
Indoors 250
Outdoors no limit