Supply Chain Operations & Services

Fleet Management Services (FMS) Parts Department stores and have available approximately $3,642,145.00 USD of perpetual automotive parts, supplies, and materials throughout the County at  4 major locations and 6 satellite depots.

The FMS Parts Department provides automotive parts to and for the repairs and maintenance of the  Montgomery County Government Fleet. This is accomplished by an end-to-end process-flow of interlocking activities that include trained Parts Supervisors and Parts Technicians, stockroom policies and procedures; safety regulations; vendors and suppliers; contracts and Purchase Orders (POs); and a computerized inventory system that technologically drives receiving, stocking, issuing, forecasting, reporting, and accountability.

FMS Parts Management has developed a typical Supply Chain business model that incorporates people and systems, with the input-throughput-output functionalities. Great emphasis is placed on project orientation and sectional responsibilities at each stockroom location. Further, our Parts Supervisors and Supply Technicians are encouraged to attend County classes to improve their supervisory and customer service skills, and to stay abreast with automotive changes taking place in the industry.