Green Fleet

Some highlights of our program include:

Procurement of environmentally friendly vehicles
- Purchasing environmentally-compliant vehicles, including flex-fuel, hybrid, compressed natural gas and clean diesel
- Reducing the use of larger-than-necessary vehicles such as SUVs and obtaining the most fuel- efficient vehicles available
Implementing a Motor Pool Management System
- Implemented at several fleet locations to better manage the shared motor pool
- Helped to manage and right-size the motorpool by reporting under utilized vehicles
- Improved inter-departmental vehicle sharing
- Purchasing environmentally-preferable products for use in our operations
- Reducing energy use
- Reducing waste from our operations
- Reducing pollution in storm water runoff from our facilities
- Recycling of materials used in our operations
- Raising the environmental awareness of our staff & customers

Energy Consumption:

- 34% of Fleet is an Alternate Fuel Vehicle
- 3906 Gallons of gasoline eliminated by Electric Vehicles
- 16 Level II Electric Charging Stations provided 3296 EV "Charge-Ups"
- 1.8 Million Diesel gallons displaced by CNG
- 39 Medium Duty gas cargo vans converted to Hybrids
- 39 Battery electric vehicles