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Al Roshdien, DOT Director
Al Roshdieh, Director

Office of the Director

“Montgomery County is a vibrant and innovative community that has embraced smart growth principles as the path to an even brighter economic future. To achieve this vision, we must continue to transform our transportation infrastructure to be even more transit-oriented, bikable and walkable. My goal is to ensure that the Montgomery County Department of Transportation has a comprehensive approach to mobility that promotes sustainable alternatives and contributes to further unlocking the County’s economic potential.”


A seamless transportation system for people of all ages, incomes and abilities that supports a vibrant and sustainable community.

To move people and connect places with the best transportation choices and services.


  • Provide an effective and efficient transportation system;
  • Keep our system reliable, safe and secure;
  • Engage and support our diverse community;
  • Enhance quality of life;
  • Be innovative and forward-thinking.


The Department of Transportation consists of five divisions plus the Director’s Office. MCDOT administrative units are:

Division of Transportation Engineering
Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations 
Division of Parking Management
Division of Highway Services
Division of Transit Services

View the DOT Organization Chart

View the Director's Office Organization Chart

Emil Wolanin, Deputy Director 

Chris Conklin, Deputy Director for Transportation Policy

The Director's Office provides the overall management for the Department of Transportation. The Department's mission covers a wide array of duties including: providing public transportation and parking, maintenance and construction of roads, and management of sidewalks and bikeways.

The Office of the Director's primary functions focus on general administrative tasks for the entire Department and coordinating transportation policy issues. Within the Director's Office there are two primary units: Management and Administrative Services; and Transportation Policy.

Management and Administrative Services, Taxi Regulation and Licensing, Environmental Review

Provide management services for the entire department including budget, personnel, general management functions.

  • Operating Budget Programs
    • Fred Lees, Chief

Coordinates operating budget for the department, working with each Division in MCDOT.

  • Capital Budget Programs
    • Alicia Thomas, Management Services Supervisor

Coordinates Capital Improvement Program for the department, working with each Division in MCDOT

Taxi cabs can often be a great way to travel: in bad weather, with a small group of people to rideshare, to avoid parking problems at your destination, if your car is in the shop, and more. MCDOT oversees Taxi operations in the County and provides infomation and regulation of Taxi services operating in our community.

Rapid Transit System Development

  • Joana Conklin, Manager

Montgomery County is studying the development of a Rapid Transit System (RTS), including  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which would greatly increase high-quality transit service to the County’s most densely developed areas, areas planned for redevelopment, and areas planned for new dense development. BRT offers a cost-effective and versatile way for communities to meet their transit needs. It uses well-planned bus routes and facilities that provide for high speed travel at a lower cost than other forms of transit.

Transportation Policy

Commuters Services promotes Better Ways to Work with a variety of incentives and tools to help make our roads less crowded while providing reliable transportation alternatives.

The Development Review Team works to ensure proposed developments meet   County code, master plans, development standards, policies and procedures.

Bikesharing has come to Montgomery County, providing   another cost effective transit option that can help reduce traffic congestion by eliminating the need to drive for short trips.

Coordinate with WMATA and MDOT, operators of rail transit systems in the County, to ensure County interests are represented.

Represent the County for regional transportation and air-quality planning activities within the Greater Metropolitan Washington Region. Much of this effort is performed under the auspices of the   Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (WashCOG).

  • State Highway Program
    • Andrew Bossi 

      Coordinate with the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) on issues relating to the network of State-maintained roads in the County. All roads with route numbers (i.e. I-270, US 29-Columbia Pike, MD 97-Georgia Ave., MD 191-Bradley Blvd., etc.) are maintained by the State.

How to contact us:

Please contact   MC311 for service requests or concerns by calling 311 (240-777-0311 if out of the area) Monday - Friday, 700 am - 500 pm or visiting the   MC311 website anytime.


Director's Office · Montgomery County Department of Transportation · 240-777-7170 · Fax: 240-777-7178 · 101 Monroe Street · 10th Floor · Rockville, Maryland 20850 ·
For any MCDOT service requests, call 311. Outside the county, call 240-777-0311 or submit via the website.   For website issues, broken links or comments, please email us(does not handle service requests).
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