MCDOT Sustainability Policy document coverpage and graphic

MCDOT recognizes that the County’s expanding transportation system has far‐reaching impacts. The way our streets are planned, the range of available transportation options, and the way in which projects are constructed and maintained all influence our environment, physical health, economic well‐being, social cohesion and the resiliency of neighborhoods over time. To guide our decision making, programs, designs and policies, MCDOT has established four Sustainability Goals:

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Plan and implement a transportation system that broadly considers ecosystem and climate impacts, reduces and prevents waste and pollution, uses renewable resources, uses sustainable sources of energy and reduces energy consumption.

ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY: Support a public transportation infrastructure that stimulates economic prosperity, promotes economic development, and is cost effective and efficient.  

SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY: Provide a transportation network that is accessible, affordable, safe, secure and equitable, and one that improves the health and quality of life for people who use it and live near it. Consider the basic needs of diverse residents and businesses and provide access and mobility for all. Give back to communities by volunteering and donating resources.

SUSTAINABILITY EDUCATION: Ensure that residents, businesses and visitors are well informed about their sustainable travel options, help them make more sustainable decisions in their daily lives and support them in their choices.  

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View MCDOT's Sustainability Policy.


Montgomery County’s Department of General Services (DGS) fiscal year 2019 Green Government Report details the County's progress and accomplishments with energy efficiency, green buildings, smart growth, water conservation, biodiversity, waste reduction, green transportation, renewables and resiliency.

The report highlights MCDOT’s sustainable efforts that include designing roads, enhancing bicycle mobility, electric vehicle and smart parking options in County garages, and public transit. Additionally, employees are encouraged to commute green by bicycle and public transportation and reduce travel by telework, carpool and teleconferencing. Learn more.

View the Montgomery County Green Government Report.