Regional Transit Coordination


Provide coordination between MCDOT and regional transit operating authorities, namely the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority  WMATA and the  Maryland Mass Transit Administration.  The County's Special Assistant for Metro Affairs maintains high-level coordination with the County's representatives on the Metro  Board of Directors and with Metro managers.  The County is an advocate for citizen concerns/questions about quality of Metro service, and proposes action to improve service, access, parking, fares, etc. County staff also coordinates with Maryland Transportation Department, which funds all Metrorail and bus service in Maryland as well as operating  MARC commuter rail service through Montgomery County.

Regional transit services operated within or through Montgomery County:

Mode Service Agency
Commuter Rail MARC MD-MTA
Heavy Rail Metrorail
Express Bus Service MTA Express Buses MD-MTA
Regional Bus Service Metrobus WMATA
Local Bus Service RideOn MCDOT with MD-MTA Funding Assistance


WMATA - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

WMATA operates regional rapid rail and bus services throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, including Montgomery County.  WMATA services provide the backbone of the County's transit system, with 12 Red Line stations providing 11,000 parking spaces.  Metrorail stations are served by 150 Metrobuses and 220 County RIDE ON buses. Each day, 130,000 riders use the stations in our County.

In mid-2000, the County began construction of a 2100-space garage at Shady Grove station with completion anticipated for late 2001. A 1500-space garage is also planned for the Grosvenor-Strathmore station.  Construction is expected to begin in 2001.

MARC - Maryland Rail Commuter Service (MD MTA)

MARC service is the commuter rail component of the transit system, with 16 trains a day. Service originates in Martinsburg, W.V. or Brunswick, MD, with stops at 10 stations in our County before reaching D.C.'s Union Station.

MARC is Maryland-funded. The County supports MARC by providing parking or bus service to seven of the stations and coordinating with the State on train service issues.


For more information on the WMATA and MARC Coordination Program or general questions regarding regional transit operations in Montgomery County, you can contact:

Gary Erenrich, Special Assistant to the Director Montgomery County Department of Transportation Office of the Director  101 Monroe Street; 10th Floor Rockville, MD 20850 (240) 777-7170