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Master/Sector Plan Transportation Review


The Office of the Director is responsible for coordinating the overall Department of Transportation (MCDOT) review of Master Plans (both area plans and functional plans) and Sector Plans for transportation issues and concerns. Staff of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) prepares Master Plans/Sector Plans. Director's Office staff act as the departmental liaison with M-NCPPC and the Planning Board, other Executive Branch agencies and offices, and the County Council.  Director's Office staff ensure that MCDOT comments are provided to the Office of the County Executive during its review of Master and Sector Plans.


Director's Office staff work with Planning Board staff to track Plan progress and ensures that appropriate MCDOT Divisions are involved in the Plan review. Staff must review Plans at several stages of the Master Plan process. These include:

  • Purpose and Outreach Strategy Report
  • Staff Draft
  • Preliminary Draft
  • Final Draft
  • Approved and Adopted Plan

Staff perform a major coordination effort both within the Department and with other Departments within the Executive Branch as well as with the staff of the Planning Board and public. As an implementing agency, MCDOT's review of Plans seeks to make sure that the Plans are feasible, implementable, and coordinated with other MCDOT projects. The input that the Department provides on such matters as operational issues can make the difference between a Plan that is able to be implemented and one that is not. Director's Office input provides an opportunity for the Department to influence the Master Planning process to ensure greater compatibility between long range planning and the ability to implement those plans.

The review and analysis that is performed by the Director's Office provides guidance and direction to the policy makers who must ultimately approve and adopt these Plans. The Director's Office also works with the technical and citizen groups advising M-NCPPC. During the Purpose and Outreach stage, and Staff Draft stage, the Director's Office provides Departmental comments directly to
M-NCPPC staff, on a staff to staff information exchange basis. During the Preliminary (Public Hearing) Draft and Final (Planning Board) Draft stages, staff also provide Departmental comments to the Office of the County Executive during this more formal portion of the review process. The Director's Office also coordinates preparation of MCDOT’s portion of the County Executive’s “Fiscal Impact Analysis” for each plan at this latter phase. This analysis provides the County Council with an “order of magnitude” cost estimate of capital projects that will be necessary to implement the Master or Sector Plan.


For more information on existing Master/Sector Plans refer to the Montgomery County Planning Board's Community Planning homepage.  The Planning Board also has a summary providing greater insight into the Master Planning process.


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