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About Virtual Safety Week

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s (MCDOT) “Safe Routes to Schools” program and Montgomery County Public Schools are hosting the County's first “Virtual Safety Week” that will start online at 8 a.m on Monday, May 4, and continue through 5 p.m. on Friday, May 8. This weeklong free event, which has been developed for elementary and middle school students and their families, will emphasize the need to be safe and look out for others in all forms of travel through at-home interactive and creative activities and video demonstrations posted at  Read the press release for more details.

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*The first 20 children to complete at least one activity a day and submit their Safety Week Activity Calendar will win a $15 gift card! 
*Submissions will begin Friday, May 8 at 5:00pm through Sunday, May 11 at 5:00pm. 
*Additional prizes and gifts will be raffled! 
*Winners will be announced Monday, May 12 at 11:00am.

For questions contact Duwan Morris at

Zeal's Safety Tips


Follow Zeal's 3 Easy Tips to Prevent Texting and Driving:

Follow Zeal’s 3 easy tips to prevent texting and driving:
  • Stow before you go- put your phone in your bag or pocket before driving.
  • Install an app on your phone to help prevent distracted driving.
  • Take the Attentive Driver pledge:


Safety on our roads is a job for all of us.

Learn More about Vision Zero

Virtual Safety Week is a part of Montgomery County’s Vision Zero initiative to end traffic-related deaths on roads by 2030. Vision Zero is a proven approach to preventing roadway-related deaths and serious injuries. It represents a fundamental change in how the County plans and designs its roads, shifting from a focus on maximizing motor vehicle efficiency to ensuring that roads are safe regardless of whether travel is by car, bus, bicycle, or foot.