Complete Streets Design Guide (CSDG)

MCDOT and M-NCPPC Montgomery Planning Department are partnering on a project to develop a Complete Streets Design Guide (CSDG) The goals of the CSDG effort include

  • To articulate a consistent, countywide vision for street design.
  • Create a one-stop shop for all aspects of street design.
  • Address best practices in fire access, stormwater management, use of different materials.
  • Increase flexibility while maintaining minimum standards and continuous facilities.

The CSDG should make street design as part of the development review process more clear and predictable. This will be done by consolidating key aspects from various design guidance and existing County resources that relate to street design in one place, and (as a future step) if needed updating the standard details for typical roadway sections, policies and or regulations to be consistent with the new Complete Street Design Guide

This study will run until Fall 2020 and is jointly funded by MCDOT and M-NCPPC.

Daniel Sheridan, Transportation Design Section Chief
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Division of Transportation Engineering
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