Capital Crescent Trail Tunnel

This project provides for the design and construction of the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) Tunnel. The west end of the facility is located at the west side of the new building at 7272 Wisconsin Avenue, near the Civic Green Park at Woodmont Avenue. It then runs to the east through the lower parking level of the building where it continues out the east side under Wisconsin Avenue, then continues east below Elm Street, and emerges above ground at the CCT Surface Trail in Elm Street Park. The total length is approximately 1000 feet. The interior height and width will be 14 feet and 16 feet (a 12 foot trail with 2 foot shoulders). The riding surface will be concrete. A bicycle storage area will also be provided for public use located at the west end of the tunnel within the building. The tunnel will meet ADA requirements, it will be fitted with lighting, electronic security system, emergency phones and emergency egress locations. The north end of Elm Street park will be completely renewed based on final location of the tunnel portal. The park will receive new landscaping and recreational features.

Project Schedule

  • 35% Plans: October 2019
  • Final Design Complete: March 2023
  • Construction Start: July 2024
  • Construction Complete: December 2026

Kevin Minn
Capital Crescent Trail Tunnel

Montgomery County Department of Transportation
Division of Transportation Engineering
100 Edison Park Drive, 4th Floor
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
E-mail: [email protected]

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