Wheaton BiPPa - Amherst Avenue Bikeway

The Amherst Avenue Bikeway project provides for the design and construction of protected bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements along Amherst Avenue, from Arcola Drive to Windham Lane in Wheaton.  This project will improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between the neighborhood and local businesses, the new Wheaton Library, Recreation and Community Center, and the Wheaton CBD.  The project will improve access to the wider Washington DC Metropolitan Region by improving bicycle access to the Wheaton Metrorail Station and the Wheaton Bus Transfer Center, and to the Sligo Creek Trail system to the east.  This project will explore opportunities to improve safety for people walking and bicycling in the area. 

Amherst Avenue is part of the Wheaton Bicycle Pedestrian Priority Area (Wheaton BiPPA).  The Amherst Avenue Bikeway project is recommended as a high priority project in the Wheaton BiPPA Report.  Amherst Avenue runs north-south from Arcola Avenue north of the Wheaton BiPPA boundary to Evans Parkway Park to the south.  It is generally a two-lane residential road with on -street parking on both sides.  Throughout the Wheaton BiPPA the speed limit on Amherst Ave is 25 MPH.  This corridor has great potential to be a well-used bicycle collector route but lacks the infrastructure to provide a safe, comfortable biking experience

Anne Root
Project Manager
Division of Transportation Engineering 
100 Edison Park Dr., 4th Floor 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
E-mail:  [email protected]
Phone: 240-777-7192

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