For Asylum Seekers

Someone who is applying for asylum is called an asylum seeker. Asylum seekers are fleeing persecution, and have often fled their home countries with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They are not eligible for many types of government assistance, and often have many needs. The resources below are specifically targeted to those seeking asylum. Once an individual is granted asylum, they are then asylees, and become eligible for a variety of government benefits and have a path towards eventual citizenship.

Look for an attorney that handles asylum cases

Find information on the asylum process

Organizations that provide support and services to asylum-seekers

  • Asylumworks: Provides social services, employment services, referrals to legal assistance, social opportunities, and more to asylum seekers.
  • Asylee Women Enterprise: 443-850-0627; [email protected]
    • Provides many services to asylum seeking women, including housing, health care, referrals to legal services, and more.

Visit our Get Help page for additional organizations that provide help to people for various needs, regardless of immigration status.  If you are worried about whether receiving benefits and services will affect your immigration, visit out Public Benefits / Public Charge page.

If you are granted asylum

Asylee Outreach Project - Assists new asylees in applying for government benefits and provides other services for new asylees.