Awards received by the TEBS GIS Team

PTI (Public Technology Institute) Awards

July 2018 - "Farm Tour: Telling the County's Agricultural Story with a Map" (PDF) - Award of Significant Achievement, GIS Category ( Supplemental Materials (PDF)).

July 2018 - "Geospatial Data and Voice-Enabled Artificial Intelligence" (PDF) - Award of Significant Achievement, Innovative Uses of New Technologies Category ( Supplemental Materials (PDF)).

2015 - The 2015 PTI GIS Vision Award, Certificate of Merit (image) - Apollo Teng, GIS Manager is one of the winners of this award. ( PTI News Release 3/6/2015 (PDF)

2014 Technology Solutions Award - "Bikeshare Station Site Identification and Property Verification"

2011 Solutions Award - "A GIS Platform for Emergency Management and Response: Common Operational Pictures (COP)" (PDF)

2010 Solutions Award - "Mapping School Absenteeism for Managing H1N1 Influenza Outbreak." (PDF)

April 2009 - "It Happened Here: GIS Data as Demonstrative Evidence." 2008/2009 Technology Solutions Award, GIS Category. County Press Release (PDF)

March 2009 - GIS Configuration Management Practices was named an "Innovation Lab" by PTI. Program Submission (PDF) - County Press Release. The PTI Innovation Lab program is a "mark of excellence" used to recognize local governments for the successful deployment of technology solutions or practices. Montgomery County is the first County government in the nation to be recognized and only the third organization to be recognized, the others being the NYC Housing Authority and the City of Tallahassee, FL.

April 2007 - "Serving Up GIS Data for Emergency Managers." 2006/2007 Technology Solutions Award - Honorable Mention.

NACo (National Association of Counties) Awards

TEBS-GIS Received Four NACo Achievement Awards in 2018

from the National Association of Counties (NACo) for innovative programs that contribute to and enhance county governments in the United States.

Since 1997, TEBS-GIS has received achievement awards from NACo for these projects:

NACo Award Ceremony 2016, with County representatives holding certificates