GIS services provided to the Montgomery County departments and offices

  • Acquire, create, and maintain commonly used raster GIS data – These include ortho-imagery, oblique image libraries, and LiDAR data.
  • With a long history of collaboration with the Planning Commission, most of the vector basemap layers are being maintained by the Commission.
  • Create and maintain GIS data layers for use by multiple departments – Street Centerlines, Building Footprints, Places of Interest, etc.
  • GIS data layers for specific departments - creation, maintenance and posting. Examples: County Facilities for Department of General Services; Parking Facilities for DOT; Police services areas (Districts, Beats, and Police Reporting Areas) for Police; Fire/Rescue services areas (Battalions, Response Areas, Firebox Areas) for Fire and Rescue; etc.
  • Create and maintain enterprise GIS databases for the access of Executive Branch departments, Legislative and Judicial branches as well as other agencies such as Planning Commission, Public Schools, Colleges, and the public utility WSSC.
  • Departmental project support - Perform geo-spatial analyses to ascertain problems, identify opportunities, and/or recommend programs or action plans.
  • Composing custom maps for the departments. Softcopy maps in PDF format. Up to E-size (44 inches by 34 inches) hardcopy maps can be printed to support presentation and/or work discussions.

Additional services provided by Montgomery County

Bethesda Help, an nonprofit organization, offers immediate short-term assistance to residents of southern Montgomery County, Maryland. See the Bethesda Help Service Area.