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Arts and Humanities

A cast stone sculpture called Whispers by Steve WeitzmanThe Montgomery County Arts and Humanities Council requested TEBS-GIS to develop location service applications to search for places of public art and to find performing art facilities. During the first phase of the project, two layers (public art and performing arts) will be added to the County's places of interest (PLOI) database. Web visitors will soon be able to find a art/cultural site, access an interactive location map, and generate travel directions. In the second phase, TEBS-GIS will develop a comprehensive search tool to enable the public to find artwork or a performing arts location based on the following recommended search parameters:

  • Geographic location or Place name
  • By Type of Art or Performing Art (sculpture, painting, music, dance, etc...)
  • By Artist or Performing Artist

For example, using this tool, someone could find a place where orchestral music is played or where a particular sculpture might be located. Once the web visitor has found the artwork or performing art location, more detailed information can be provided:

  • Title of Artwork or performance
  • Photos of the Artwork
  • A Description of the piece or event
  • Artist Name
  • Address Information (Address, City, Zip)
  • Copyright date (for artwork)
  • Date Installed (for artwork)
  • Specific Interior Location