Do You Know Your Rights - We Are Here To Help

If you feel you have been discriminated in employment; real estate; housing; public accommodations; intimidation; race; gender identity; color; religious creed; genetic status; age; disability; or sexual orientation, then  contact the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights. Inquries and/or questions concerning possible violations can also be made by calling 311.

You may also submit a complaint inquiry form by visiting, calling, mailing, emailing, or faxing the Office of Human Rights. Select the button below to submit a claim or inquiry to the Office of Human Rights.

Claim and Inquiry Intake Form

An intake interview starts the process of filing a claim. During intake, a staff member will ask you about what happened, when and where it occurred, and who committed the alleged act(s). Staff will determine if the agency can accept the case and will prepare a formal complaint.

Important Note:

A signed complaint must be filed within one year after an alleged discriminatory act or practice occurred.