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The Office of Human Rights investigates incidents of hate/violence and complaints of discrimination. Victims of hate/violence crimes can seek compensation for replacement of property through the County's Partnership Fund, administered by the Office of Human Rights.

Employer's Information Employer’s Corner: Employment Laws, Compliance Requirements, Forms, Notices and Legislation for use and reference by employers. This section will be updated as revisions and changes warrant. Highlights and reminders of significant dates and deadlines will also be included . Learn More Here.

One Stop Employment Law and Informational Workshop.
Join us June 6, 2019, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm at the Silver Spring Civic Building, 1 Veterans Place (8525 Fenton Street), Silver Spring , Maryland. Come and learn what you need to know about Age Discrimination, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Minimum Wage Requirements, Pay Equity Issues & State and Federal Legal Updates! Complimentary Coffee Breaks and Box Lunch will be served - Please RSVP by Thursday, June 5, 2019.  See Flyer here. REGISTER HERE TODAY! 

Immigration FlagGrowing the Nation's Economy: Why Immigration is Key to Long-term Economic Growth. Mortgage Media, Alejandro Becerra, Commissioner, MCOHR. Many American have a proble with immigration. Conservative pundits cite the "drain" on our economy as a reason to limit the influx of newcomers to the U.S.  President Trump has promised extensive deportations of the undocumented and strict limits on how many immigrants can come in legally. These policies, if enacted, would deal a crushing blow to our economy. Read More

2019 MC Commission for Women’s 39th annual Legislative Briefing 2019 MC Commission for Women’s 39 th annual Legislative Briefing. Advancing Women’s Rights in Montgomery County Since 1872. Held January 27 th, The Women’s Legislative Briefing (WLB) is the premier and longest-standing women’s legislative event in the state of Maryland. It is coordinated by the Montgomery County Commission for Women and brings together advocates, policy makers, and emerging leaders to empower, engage, and mobilize Marylanders around issues affecting women and girls throughout the state. Speakers included James L. Stowe, Director, Montgomery County Office of Human Rights. Find out more here.
See Montgomery County OHR Events Archive here.

Minimum Wage IncreaseMinimum Wage Increase . Effective July 1, 2019, please be advised that the minimum wage rate for Montgomery County will increase to $13.00 for employers with 51 or more employees and $12.50 for employers with 50 or fewer eployees.) Most employees must be paid the Montgomery Co. Minimum Wage Rate. Employees age 18 and under working under 20 hours per week are exempt from this rate.  See Minimum Wage Transition Table.

70th Republic Day of India Banquet & Cultural Program70th Republic Day of India Banquet & Cultural Program . Republic Day is an important holiday in India, with celebrations and Festivals in February which celebrates  Independence Day (August 15) and Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday (October 2).  See photos from this event  here.


Fair Housing Fair Housing Program. As a part of the Office of Human Rights, The Fair Housing Program has developed a far-reaching program of outreach and monitoring activities. If you feel you have been a victim of housing discrimination and would like to file a complaint, visit the  Compliance Section of this web site, or call 240/777-8450 or TTY 240/777-8480. To obtain information on fair housing or to arrange for training for your business, group, or organization, call 240/777-8450. Visit the  Fair Housing Section for more information.

Committee Against Hate/Violence Committee Against Hate/Violence. The duties of the Hate/Violence Committee are to develop and distribute information about hate/violence, promote educational activities that demonstrate the positive value of ethnic and social diversity; advise the County Council, the County Executive, and County agencies about hate/violence in the County, and recommend such policies, programs, legislation, or regulations as it finds necessary to reduce the incidences of acts of hate/violence.  Learn More.

Picture of GavelDo You Know Your Rights? We Are Here To Help.  If you feel you have been discriminated in employment; real estate; housing; public accommodations; intimidation; race; gender identity; color; religious creed; genetic status; age; disability; or sexual orientation contact the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights at 240-777-8450. Inquries and/or questions concerning possible violations can also be made by calling 311.   Find out More.

Open Housing LawOpen Housing Law. Council President Hans Riemer presented a proclamation recognizing the 50th anniversary of Montgomery County passing the Open Housing Law, which prohibits discriminatory practices against people seeking to buy or rent homes. The presentation honored the hard work in the face of adversity of the community leaders and organizations present, and the challenges that remain in ensuring equal access to housing for all. The Council was joined by representatives of the Human Rights Commission, the Office of Human Rights, the NAACP, the Interagency Fair Housing Coordinating Group, the Housing Opportunities Commission, and the community of fair housing advocates. Back row, pictured left to right: Esther Delaplaine, Patrice Cheatham, Myrian Torrico, Alejandro Becerra, James Stowe, Vernon Ricks, Loretta Garcia, Pat Fenn; front row, left to right: Jackie Simon, Tina Clarke, Judge William England, Louise Kauffmann, Dr. Suresh K. Gupta, Janice Freeman, Cuvator Armstong.  Watch the proclamation.

Twenty Years of Civil Rights Progress: A History of the Human Relations Commission of Montgomery County, Maryland.  Created by the County Government as a "sounding board" for interracial discussion and release of tension in the early 1960's, the Commission has evolved into an established enforcement agency as well, investigating , holding hearings and adjudicating complaints of discrimination in public accommodations, housing and employment.  In step with rising awareness of the various forms of discrimination, its mandate has gradually evolved over the years. Learn more about the history of the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights  here.

The Vision! The MoCo Pride Center  will be a 501c3 organization designed to serve the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community and its allies in Montgomery County, Maryland. The vision of the MoCo Pride Center is to be the leading organization for LGBTQ resources and advocacy in our county. Our proposed mission is to organize, support, educate, and provide outreach to the LGBTQ community and its allies. Learn More About Us!

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Montgomery County Office of Human Rights · 21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 330 · Rockville, Maryland 20850
Telephone: 240.777.8450 · Fax: 240.777.8460 · MD Relay: 7-1-1

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