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We’re here to help. We work side by side with teams within Montgomery County Government to scope a problem and make fast, tangible improvements for those we serve. We deliver results, not recommendations. We’re not the experts in what you do – we’re co-creators helping you to do it better.

Improving the HHS Caller Experience

Lead department: Department of Health & Human Services

Civic Design Lead: Amanda Ussak

How might we: ensure all HHS users can access the information and programs they need when calling HHS?

In progress

Improving the Experience of Interacting with Government

Team: Customer Service Initiative (cross-departmental)

Civic Design Leads: Amanda Ussak, Evan Chan

How might we: understand and meet customer expectations of interacting with Montgomery County government?

In progress

Providing Better Support to Businesses

Lead department: Business Advancement Team (BAT)

Civic Design Lead: Evan Chan

How might we: make it easy for business owners to find and understand County information and resources?

In progress

Streamlining Hiring Across MCG

Lead department: Office of Human Resources

Civic Design Lead: Nidhi Singh Rathore

How might we: reduce administrative burden to improve the hiring experience for hiring managers, interview panelists, and candidates?


A New Strategic Framework for Libraries

Lead department: Montgomery County Public Libraries

Civic Design Lead: Kate Sullivan Frades

How might: MCPL use its resources strategically over the next three years to maximize its impact in the community?


Optimizing Police Recruiting

Team: Recruitment Section, Montgomery County Police Department

Civic Design Lead: Amanda Ussak

How might we: optimize Montgomery County Police Department Recruitment to increase and retain the number of Police Officer Candidates?


Launching the Public Election Fund

Lead department: Office of Consumer Protection

Civic Design Lead: Sheila Kasasa

How might we: provide the public with accurate and timely information about the Public Election Fund? How might we set the new Public Election Fund Liaison role up for success for both internal and external communication?


A More Seamless Consumer Complaints Process

Lead department: Office of Consumer Protection

Civic Design Lead: Sarah Hughes

How might we: minimize moments of unpredictability in the consumer complaints process so that residents, merchants, and County staff can experience a more timely and seamless resolution?


Recreation Assistance Fund

Lead department: Department of Recreation

Lead: Michael Baskin

How might we: make it easier for families to access financial assistance for recreation programs?


What can you expect?

We’ll meet your team where you are and help you make things better.

  1. Scope the project
    • What are we trying to achieve and for whom? We’ll get clear together on goals, guidelines, and how we’ll know if we’re on track for success.
  2. Establish Partnership Pact
    • We align on who does what and how we’ll work together at the start. We’ll use the MOCHA model to make sure we have clear roles and responsibilities with learning built in.
  3. Work sprints
    • We facilitate agile sprints from problem discovery through prototyping solutions.
  4. Capture results
  5. Sustain the change

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