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Montgomery County Code Section 35-23


The Police Accountability Board - Administrative Charging Committee must:

  1. Work with law enforcement agencies to review, provide policy advice and report on disciplinary matters stemming from public complaints about police misconduct.
  2. Hold quarterly meetings with the directors of one or more law enforcement agencies operating in the County who employ one or more police officers
  3. Appoint civilian members to the ACC and trial boards
  4. Receive complaints of police misconduct filed by a member of the public
  5. Review the outcomes of disciplinary matters considered by the ACC on a quarterly basis
  6. Advise the County Executive and Council on policing matters and
  7. Refer each complaint of police misconduct filed with the PAB to the appropriate law enforcement agency within 3 days after receipt for investigation.

File a Complaint

You can use this Website’s electronic complaint form to file a complaint with the following Montgomery County Law Enforcement Agencies: Montgomery County Police Department , Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, City of Gaithersburg Police Department , City of Takoma Park Police Department, City of Rockville Police Department, and Village of Chevy Chase Police Department.



The PAB is composed of nine public voting members, appointed by the County Executive, and confirmed by the Council. In addition, the County Executive may appoint one or more non-voting members. At least one voting member must reside in a municipality operating a police department that is within the jurisdiction of the Board, which includes Chevy Chase Village, Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Takoma Park. Members of the Board must reflect the racial, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, and cultural diversity of the County.

Members will serve three-year terms with compensation of $10,000 annually. According to the Maryland Constitution, members may only receive compensation for one office, so while the chair of the PAB (or their designee) also serves on the ACC, they will receive annual compensation ($22,000) for one role.