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 Academy Training Program 

In January 2007, incoming State's Attorney, John McCarthy, initiated a program at the Police Training Academy that included placing a Senior Assistant State's Attorney at the Academy to assist in legal training.  The staff at the Academy are responsible for training both the recruits and sworn officers from numerous law enforcement agencies including the Montgomery County Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Maryland National Capital Park Police, Rockville City Police Department, Gaithersburg City Police Department and the Office of the Fire Marshall.

As part of the training program initiated by McCarthy, Senior Assistant State's Attorney, Debra S. Grimes, is now assigned and stationed at the Academy.  Grimes teaches the recruits constitutional law and criminal law, teaches a legal block to sworn officers and teaches legal blocks for specialized units such as the Police Special Assignment Team.  Grimes also teaches specifically designed legal blocks for investigators, field training officers and supervisors.  Furthermore, Grimes assists the Academy in drafting and sending training bulletins with updated legal information.

Name/ link to email Position Phone Number
Debra Grimes Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7389
Karyn McAuliffe Assistant State's Attorney




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