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What is Speak up, Save a Life?

The Opioid Epidemic is devastating families and communities nationwide. According to Maryland Department of Health, the number of drug and alcohol-related intoxication deaths occurring in Maryland increased in 2020, reaching an all time high of 2, 799 deaths, an 8% increase over the number of deaths (2, 379) in 2019. Eighty-nine percent of all intoxication deaths that occurred in Maryland in 2020 were opioid-related. To tackle this epidemic and reduce the number of overdose deaths, the State's Attorney's Office for Montgomery County has initiatied Speak up, Save a Life, an Opioid Overdose Education and Prevention Program. Our mission is to educate students, families, and the community about the opioid epidemic and provide knowledge of Maryland's Good Samaritan Law.


Speak up, Save a Life Toolkit 

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide access to information and resources regarding the opioid epidemic that students, teachers, parents and the community can use to educate themselves and others. Included materials in the toolkit are easy-to-download and adaptable presentations, handouts and audio-visual instructions for the education and prevention of opioid overdose. 

For those seeking materials, please download the materials, which include a Parent Presentation, Student Presentation, and Handout.