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Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (OEMHS)

Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Management

Earl Stoddard, PhD, MPH, CEM, Director
Dr. Stoddard is responsible for overall management and strategic direction of the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. He works with other county department directors to ensure coordination of planning and response efforts. Dr. Stoddard also manages the department's budget and grant efforts.

Chuck Crisostomo, CEM, Operations Division Chief
Chuck manages the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security’s Operations Division. He works with other county departments and partner agencies to ensure coordination of response and recovery efforts. Chuck manages the Operations Division's response coordination efforts including Emergency Alert Notifications, Emergency Management information systems, the National Incident Management program and the function management of the Emergency Operations Center. This division is also responsible for conducting regular trainings and exercises to improve the county's local and regional emergency response capabilities.

Michael Goldfarb, Administration and Finance Division Chief
Michael manages the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security’s Finance Division. The division is responsible for managing Federal, state, and regional homeland security grants for Montgomery County. The division also manages all budget, finance, procurement, and personnel responsibilities for the office.

Marianne C. Souders, MS, CEM, MEP, Planning Division Chief
Marianne manages the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security’s Planning Division. The planning division is responsible for coordinating with multiple county departments, agencies, as well as public and private partners to develop emergency plans and preparedness initiatives. Additionally, the Planning Division is responsible for community engagement and outreach activities that enhance the awareness and preparedness abilities of the citizens who live and work in Montgomery County.

Dan Berkman, MEM, CEM, Emergency Management Specialist
Dan is the training and exercise coordinator for OEMHS. His responsibilities include the coordination of partners in the planning, development, and in the execution of training, drills, and exercises that test the numerous county emergency plans. Dan also works on a number of projects including but not limited to, Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources, School Preparedness, Access and Functional Needs and Dam Emergency Preparedness.

Mitch Dinowitz, CEM, Emergency Management Specialist
Mitch is a member of the Operations division with the primary responsibility of serving as the county's National Incident Management Officer, assists with the Alert Montgomery program, coordinates the function of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and manages the county’s Facility Emergency Action program.

Tina Laboy, MS, MDPEMP, Emergency Management Specialist
Tina maintains the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and other County emergency plans. She is involved with the Regional Planners Subcommitte where she assists with National Capital Region collaborative planning efforts. Tina also assists with Alert Montgomery, maintains the OEMHS website, and contributes to social media content.

Matthias Miziorko, MS, Emergency Management Specialist
Matt is a member of the Operations division with the primary responsibilities of serving as the Alert Montgomery administrator for OEMHS, maintaining the operational readiness of the Emergency Operations Center, and serving as the site manager for the OEMHS Facebook page. Matt is additionally responsible for using Geographic Information System (GIS) software and its associated spatial data to support day-to-day and emergency operations within the office.

Jim McClelland, Emergency Management Specialist
Jim is responsible for the the development and updating of the County's emergency response and prevention plans. Additionally, he works on a number of projects in the planning division, including plan development for damage assessment, debris management, large-scale evacuation, and Continuity of Government. He also works with all Montgomery County Government departments in the development of their Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans, and participates in regional planning efforts in the National Capital Region.

Andrea Chanin, Administrative Specialist II, Finance & Administration
Andrea provides project and financial management support for the office. Andrea is responsible for managing Department of Homeland Security grants, including state, federal and regional.  She is also responsible for a variety of administrative, fiscal, technical and human resources management functions.

Barbara Moore, Hazmat Permitting Program Specialist
Barbara manages the county's hazardous materials use permit program, including helping businesses file online and pay their fees. The program is responsible for ensuring businesses are compliant with Executive Regulation 3-12 AM.

Danelia Quiroz, Management and Budget Specialist III
Danelia reviews and analyzes budgets for County operations and Department of Homeland Security grants, including state, federal and regional.  She monitors budgets for fiscal implications of requests.  Danelia is also responsible for program evaluation and management analysis that requires detailed attention to obtain and analyze information, provide recommendations, author reports, perform research, data and trend analysis, financial reviews and reconciliation reports.  She identifies issues and/or problems related to budget and/or programs and makes recommendations to senior management for resolutions.  Danelia is also involved in project management and oversight as it relates to grant funding.

Joe Corona, CEM, Community Outreach Coordinator (CHHS)
Joe works for The Center for Health and Homeland Security as a contractor to OEMHS. Joe coordinates outreach efforts to promote emergency preparedness within the community. 

Maggie Davis, JD, MA, Health Planner (CHHS)
Maggie works for the Center for Health and Homeland Security as a contractor to OEMHS. She manages several health and emergency medical response-related grant initiatives for the planning division, including work with the Maryland Capital Region Emergency Response System (MD NCR ERS), Montgomery County Healthcare Collaborative for Emergency Preparedness (MOCEP), and the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services. Maggie also supports other planning and programmatic efforts in the department, including strengthening critical infrastructure and key resources in the county


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