Legislative Work

Gabe Albornoz


Health and Human Services (HHS) Chair

Jurisdiction: The Department of Health and Human Services and all associated issues and organizations and Office of Human Rights.

Education & Culture (EC)

Jurisdiction: Issues relating to Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College, Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy, Arts and Humanities Council, Libraries, and Community use of Public Facilities.


  • Passed a law that prevents our youth from having easy access to vaping products and e-cigarettes by banning the sale of vaping products within ½ mile of all middle and high schools in Montgomery County (Bill 29-19).  
  • In response to the continuing and growing epidemic of gun violence, Gabe led efforts to prohibit access to ghost guns by minors younger than 18 years of age and within 100 yards of a place of public assembly. This law was the first of its kind for a local jurisdiction in Maryland. 
  • Co-led Use of Force Policy that prohibits a police officer from using deadly force except when absolutely necessary (Bill 27-20).
  • Expanded the Working Families Income Supplement, widely considered the most effective way to lift families out of poverty, to allow families to receive an increase in the State tax credit and allow individuals using identification number (ITIN) to qualify (Bill 14-21E).   
  • Passed a law to ensure greater transparency in the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) and create publicly available data related to race, ethnicity, and gender about residents involved with police (Bill 45-20). 
  • To mitigate the devastating effects of climate change, Gabe has proposed legislation to require a climate assessment for all legislation introduced in the Montgomery County Council to ensure that it will not adversely affect our environment (Bill 3-22). 
  • Our first responders keep us safe. Gabe introduced legislation to provide an annual property tax credit of up to $2,500 for our first responders. This bill will allow our first responders to afford to live in the communities they serve and build community trust. 
  • Added funding to close the gap in girls’ participation in sports at all levels by engaging elementary and middle school girls in sports classes in volleyball, lacrosse and softball with the goal of increasing their presence in sports for a lifetime.  
  • Created a Child Care Grant program as an economic development incentive to help our small businesses attract and retain talent while also providing assistance to employees with childcare expenses (Bill 38-21). 
  • Created an Early Care and Education Coordinating Entity (Bill 42-21) investing in real and lasting systemic change as a public-private, independent entity with voting authority bringing together employers, philanthropic organizations, 
  • Funded expanded after school programming at middle and elementary schools throughout our County. 
  • Funded more than $970,000 to organizations that serve and care for our residents with intellectual and development disabilities and increased funding for the supplement to medical adult daycare providers. 
  • To ensure the well-being and safety of homeless or neglected animals, Gabe created an Animal Advisory Committee that will represent residents, animal welfare and rescue groups to guide the County’s Department of Animal Services on care and best practices (Bill 37-21).  
  • Increased wellness opportunities for teachers, administrators and support staff by making access to County recreation facilities free for them. 
  • During the pandemic lockdown, Gabe and his team established an on-line program called "Let's Breathe" to teach residents exercise and wellness techniques to address the stress of the pandemic for themselves and their families. 
  • For his visionary leadership and collaborative nature, Gabe was named among the 100 most influential members of the Washington DC metropolitan area’s Latino community by El Tiempo Latino, a DC-based Spanish-language publication.