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Sherry Thompson
Senior Executive Administrative Aide

Director's Office
Address: 22880 Whelan Lane, Boyds, Maryland 2084 | Telephone: (240) 777-9976 | Directions | Bus Schedule

The Senior Executive Administrative Aide (SEAA) provides advanced level administrative assistant work to support the Director, and performs a wide variety of assignments requiring a thorough knowledge of administrative systems, structures and operations of a complex, large department together with extensive knowledge of the structure and operations of County government.

Services Information

  • The Senior Executive Administrative Aide manages the organization's correspondence control system, monitors and track correspondence prepared by the staff for the Department Director's, CAO's, or County Executive's signature.
  • The Senior Executive Administrative Aide manages the Director's calendar; schedules and coordinates meetings and appointments; receives requests to speak with the Director and determines, based on knowledge of the organizational priorities and operations, whether the issues needs immediate attention by the Director or can be deferred or handled by others within the organization.
  • SEAA acts as liaison between the Director and his key staff, other government employees, outside organizations, elected officials, and the public.



Director's Office · Montgomery County Department of Correction And Rehabilitation
22880 Whelan Lane· Boyds, Maryland 20841 ·
Telephone: 240-777-9976 · Fax: 240-777-9966
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