Inmate Telephone Calls

  • Inmates have daily access to collect call only telephones.
  • All outgoing calls must be collect or by Prepaid Account. (see ICSolutions information below).
  • Telephone calls may be monitored and/or recorded.
  • There is no provision for incoming calls to inmates incarcerated at the facility.
  • Correctional facility personnel do not accept or pass along phone messages.
  • If you receive a call from an inmate incarcerated in one of our facilities and do not wish to accept the call then or in the future, please follow the phone prompts; they will allow you to restrict future calls.
  • In the event that you mistakenly block a call from the facility, you may contact the inmate phone system provider and have the block removed by calling 888-506-8407.
  • International calling cards are available for purchase through inmate commissary.

ICSolutions Prepaid Account

ICSolutions is the inmate phone management system utilized by the department. As part of its role to help inmates complete as many calls as possible, ICS has established a pre-paid collect procedure (Prepaid Account). There is no fee for setting up these accounts. Family and friends call the operator and send a cashier’s check or money order along with their name, address, and the destination telephone number to:

Attention: Customer Service
2200 Danbury St., San Antonio, TX 78217
Web Address

If they choose to use a credit card, they may call the operator at 1-888-506-8407. There is a credit card processing fee associated with this method. They may also use Debit Cards, or Western Union.1-800 numbers can NOT be called from within the correctional facilities.

The Prepaid Account process is the only method for inmates to make calls to friends and families that utilize companies such as Comcast, Vonage, Cavelier, Covad, etc. as their local telephone company, or if they use a cell phone.
‚ÄčPrepaid Account Information and Live Operator | 1-888-506-8407