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On October 1st, 2023, the State of Maryland passed Senate Bill 293, Chapter 721, changing the term “inmate” to “incarcerated individual”. Reframing Correction and Rehabilitation is crucial for creating a more humane and effective criminal justice system.  Montgomery County Government has taken the step to transition from utilizing the term “inmate” to the use of "incarcerated individual” or I/I. Incarcerated individual (I/I) emphasizes the personhood of the individual rather than defining them solely by their incarceration. It is considered more respectful and less dehumanizing. This shift in language reflects a broader effort to prioritize human dignity within the criminal justice system and to avoid perpetuating stigma against those who have been convicted of crimes. Please bear with us as we take steps to update our website.

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DOCR Received Perfect Score from American Correctional Association (ACA)

The Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation recently received a perfect score on mandatory reaccreditation standards from the American Correctional Association. Councilmember Dawn Luedtke, a member of the Council’s Public Safety Committee, visited the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Clarksburg to discuss the reaccreditation with DOCR Director Ben Stevenson. See video discussion.

DOCR Celebrating 50+ years of outstanding service!

Employee’s awards ceremony May 7, 2024
Thank you all for the dedicated work that you do. Whether it's providing custody and security, community supervision, reentry programming, medical services, food services, administrative support, etc.---YOUR work contributes to public safety!      Director Ben Stevenson

Celebrating 50+ years of outstanding service!
DOCR Employee Awards 2024