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Eliane T. DunnJohnson RDN,LDN
Food Service Manager
Detention Services & Community Corrections - Pre-Release and Reentry Services

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The mission of the Food Service Department is to serve nutritionally balanced, well prepared and attractively served meals for the inmates, residents and staff within the DOCR facilities, and to provide skills and training in food service operations to those inmates and residents that work in our food service facilities which will help prepare them for employment in the food service industry upon release.

The Food Service Manager oversees the food services program that provides three nutritionally balanced meals per day to all inmates at both jails (and the Pre-Release Center). The Food Service Department is operated by employees of the County (Self-op food service). A total of three full service traditional, cook-serve kitchens are located in each of the two Detention facilities and Pre-Release Center. The Food Section section also provides work and technical training for inmates in the facilities, allowing then to earn industrial and special project credit of up to ten days per month toward early release.

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Resident Food Informtion:  Pre-Release and Reentry Services

Food Services Contact Information

Name Job Title Telephone
Eliane T. DunnJohnson Food Service Manager (240) 773-9729
Jabbar Carter Correctional Dietary Supervisor (240) 773-9917
Robyn Quillens Correctional Dietary Supervisor (240) 777-9755