Honor Guard Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, Montgomery County Maryland Honor Guard

Lt.  Robert Andrews
Lt. Linda Mahogany

Address: 22880 Whelan Lane
Boyds, Maryland 20841
Telephone: (240) 773-9701
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The unit is composed of staff that is carefully screened for their ability and physical dexterity. Only those uniformed staff members who are highly motivated and maintain exceptionally high standards of appearance and conduct and show aptitude for ceremonial duty are considered.

The primary purpose of the Honor Guard unit is to provide funeral honors for fallen comrades. Additionally, the department Honor Guard serves as ambassadors to the public, presenting a positive image of their services, and assisting with the recruiting effort.

Easton Police Department conducted its 15th Annual Honor Guard Training.  

The sessions were broken down in 2 days of funeral, colors, rifles flag folding and commands.


Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony and Honor Guard Competition May 5, 2018

Congratulations to our amazing Honor Guard for being awarded second place at the Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony and Honor Guard competition on Saturday…!

DOCR Honor Guard Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony