Mental Health Services Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU)

Montgomery County Correctional Facility   |  Telephone: (240) 773-9752

The Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU) at MCCF exists to provide a safe, humane environment for incarcerated offenders suffering from acute or chronic mental illness which precludes them from effectively adapting to the general population environment.  While the purpose of CIU housing is to offer a therapeutic environment and therapeutic interventions to stabilize individuals so they may safely return to general population, some individuals with serious chronic or acute conditions may remain in CIU for the duration of their incarceration. 

CIU defendants have direct access or know how to access mental health services and/or inquire about therapeutic programs.   While individuals in CIU are eligible to participate in individual therapy, skills groups or other psychotherapeutic groups, eligible persons may also attend other programs or activities outside of CIU.  

The Crisis Intervention Unit therapists, aside from the Re-entry therapists from the Department of Health and Human Services, may also contact community resources or family members   to enhance the delivery of mental health services and prepare discharge plans.