Mental Health Services 

Adult Forensic Services, Department of Health and Human Services

Athena Morrow, LCPC, Manager
Behavioral Health & Crisis Services
Address: 401 Hungerford Dr, 4th Floor,  Rockville, Md 20850 | Telephone: 240-777-1493 

CATS (Clinical Assessment & Transition Services)

Alicia Flores, LCSW-C, Supervisory Therapist
Montgomery County Detention Center
Address: 1307 Seven Locks Road , Rockville, MD 20854 | Telephone: 240-777-9847 | FAX: 240-777-9851

Mission of Program

Clinical Assessment and Transition Services (CATS) goal is to provide incoming inmates with behavioral health concerns with screening, assessment, suicide prevention, post booking diversion opportunities and linkage to community or in-house service providers and to provide inmates reentering the community with a transitional plan that meets their behavioral health needs.
CATS is the post-booking jail diversion limb of the Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Initiative (CJBHI), a joint effort of Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD), Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR) and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). CJBHI aims to address the treatment needs of arrestees with mental health, substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorders. The emphasis is on diversion if possible, appropriate assessment and service planning for those who remain incarcerated, prevention of suicide within the Detention Center and discharge planning in order to facilitate access to community resources services at time of release from incarceration. 


Clinical Assessment Services

  •  All incoming inmates of the Montgomery County Detention Center or the Montgomery County Correctional Facility who are identified as having behavioral health needs are eligible for services
  • All incoming inmates are screened for risk factors that may warrant more extensive evaluation
  • Inmates identified with behavioral health needs or who may appear at risk of self-harming behaviors or who are referred by any staff, family or other providers will be assessed by CATS staff for service needs.

Transition Services

To be eligible for transition services individuals:
  • must be in custody at the Montgomery County Detention Center or Correctional Facility
  • must be a documented Montgomery County resident or homeless with service connections to Montgomery County
  • must be receiving behavioral health or substance abuse treatment while incarcerated
  • must be within 30-60 days of release date
  • Must not be involved with other case management programs, for example, Montgomery County Drug Court, Pre-Release and DOCR Reentry Services or any community based case management programs.
  • Must not have any outstanding detainers, or lengthy state sentences.

Other HHS Programs

Comprehensive Reentry Project (CORP) is a BJA 2-year funded grant to work with 120 clients- They must be a Montgomery County resident, over 18, recidivist, chronic mental health and/or co-occurring with no detainers, permanent sex offenses or meth manufacturing convictions.  The CORP team works with clients within the jail and collaboratively works together on a treatment plan and goals that addresses mental health, substance abuse, housing, vocational, family reintegration, education, etc. and continues to follow and support the client in the community for up to 12 months.