Mental Health Services Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Montgomery County Correctional Facility  | Telephone: (240) 773-9753

Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) boasts of the first jail-based DBT program in the nation that meets all of the requirements for DBT.  DBT constitutes the primary therapeutic modality practiced by all DCOR therapists and the program is currently offered to all individuals housed in the Crisis Intervention Unit.  

DBT is a principle-based complex method of treatment that borrows from a combination of cognitive/behavioral and psychodynamic therapies as well as from Zen mindfulness practice.  DBT therapists utilize a variety of therapeutic strategies to help clients problem-solve and to change maladaptive behaviors that cause significant impairment in most areas of their lives.

Although DBT was originally designed to treat Individuals with severe emotional and/or cognitive dysregulation, who engage in self-injurious behavior and pose a high risk for suicide (i.e. individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder), DBT has been adapted for and proven to be very effective in the treatment of other disorders such as substance abuse/dependence and/or co-occurring disorders, PTSD, eating disorders and other.