Internship Program at Detention Services Division

Montgomery County Correctional Facility  
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Academic Internship Program 

The DOCR Detention Services Division offers unpaid, academic internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students at least 21 years of age in the social sciences and criminal justice fields.  With limited placements available, students participate in a competitive interview and selection process to include a background clearance investigation. Internship opportunities are primarily provided through the Reentry Services and Inmate Services Case Management staff who serve the inmate population at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF).  These sections strive to ensure information and services are available to address the full range of individual reentry and program needs of the inmate population, and academic interns are directly engaged to observe and learn these processes as well as maintain individual responsibilities in providing portions of these programs and services. MCCF Case Management directly works with the inmate population in relation to facility processes and coordination of needs and issues within the local criminal justice system.  Some Case Managers also maintain a larger role to provide core program groups within specialized program housing units for men, women, and youthful offenders. Reentry Services provides programs and services to the entire population with a variety of reentry oriented workshops, program groups, and individual services. In addition to programs, Reentry Services completes intake screening and needs assessments to identify individual inmate issues and further provides individual Reentry Case Management to a portion of the population with a more clinical focus. While we have established programs and services within Inmate Services Case Management and Reentry Services that support our academic internship opportunities, we are also open to exploring specific areas of student interest to ensure a rounded placement and experience.  

Interested candidates should directly contact and submit requested materials to:
Kendra Jochum, LCSW-C
Deputy Warden of Programs and Services​, Detention Services, Intern Coordinator
Direct Line: (240) 773-9982          Fax: (240) 773-9946

Email: [email protected] 

Intern candidates need to first submit their resume, academic transcript, and related school information and internship requirements.  Upon review of this initial information, an Internship Application will be provided for completion followed by a competitive interview to further assess appropriateness of the intern candidate and guide internship placement.  Before final approval, a formal background investigation occurs to include a criminal background check, verification of a negative TB Test, and completion of an Intern Orientation Program.