Mental Health Services Psychiatric Evaluations

Montgomery County Correctional Facility  | Telephone: (240) 773-9752

The contract psychiatrist   performs routine, emergency and follow-up evaluations for all of its sites including MCCF, the Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC) and the Pre‑Release and Re-entry Services (PRRS) for all individuals under custody and this includes persons who are on home confinement as well.  The psychiatrist consults with staff regarding treatment plans as needed.  

A psychiatric evaluation includes a mental status examination, DSM‑V diagnosis, and the prescription of psychotropic medications as indicated.   Inmates on psychotropic medications are re-evaluated at scheduled intervals.   Referrals for unscheduled follow-up assessments can take place any time if therapists have concerns for an inmate’s mental status or well being at any time prior to their scheduled appointment.