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Kaye Beckley, Chief
Management Services
Address: 22880 Whelan Lane, Boyds, Maryland 20841 |  Telephone: (240) 773-9908 |  Directions  |  Bus Schedule 

The division’s administration provide support to all the teams in MSD, directly oversees capital projects and budget preparation and monitoring which include implementation and administration of DOCR’s operating and capital improvement budgets.

MSD Administration Contact Information

Name Job Title Telephone
Kaye Beckley Chief (240) 773-9908
Dawn Downing Budget Administrator (240) 777-9981
Tina Barnes

Office Service Coordinator

(240) 773-9745




Director's Office · Montgomery County Department of Correction And Rehabilitation
22880 Whelan Lane· Boyds, Maryland 20841 ·
Telephone: 240-777-9976 · Fax: 240-777-9966
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