DOCR Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have an opening and where can I go to see job announcement?
You can visit the Montgomery County Careers Web site at

Do you have to be a US Citizen or a Resident Alien to apply for correctional positions?
Yes, you must be a US Citizen or a Resident Alien to be considered for a correctional position.

How long will it be before I hear back from the department after taking the Correctional Officer examination?
We will contact only those applicants who received a "Well Qualified" rating for processing. Applicant will receive an email 4-6 weeks after the examination.

How long is the public safety background phase of the employment process?
The process takes between 6-10 weeks, depends on information being received on a timely basis and the applicant maintaining required appointments.

Should I resign from my current position while being processed for DOCR?
No, you should not resign from your current position after receiving the contingent job offer from DOCR. The final job offer will be provided by Montgomery County once you have successfully completed all the requirements of the employment process and background investigation.

Where can I find a description of job benefits?
You can visit the Montgomery County Careers Website to view County benefits.

What are the minimum qualification to be come a Correctional Officer?
The minimum qualification  to become a Correctional Officer are: 18 year of age, have a valid driver's license, be a US Citizen or Resident Alien, and have one year of work experience.

If I want to be a Correctional Officer, can I get a pre-employment tour of your facilities?
No. We do not give tours prior to employment for applicants.

Can I send my resume for any position to your office?
No. The Montgomery County recruitment process is paperless; therefore you must apply online going through the Montgomery County Career Website at for positions that are posted.

Please e-mail DOCR HR Section if you have any questions or comments.