Clarksburg Citizens and Business Advisory Group
Monthly Meeting

June 18,  2002


Bina Allgood, Jenny Barber, Steve Dorough, Leon Grant, Rob Green, Vonda Henley, Steve Howie, Teresa Noone, Guy Ruffner, Brent Simmons, Susan Singer-Bart, Rick Tegethoff, John Williams,

Rob announced two recent announcements:


  • The Transition Team moved into the Administration area of MCCF June 3rd. The Department of Public Works gave us partial occupancy. Our rental house lease was up June 30 which gave the County time to do remedial work before the new homeowner moves in. Bina will send out a list of new phone numbers of all the Transition Team staff.

  • There has been an extension in the construction timeframe. Dept. of Public Works will be turning over the building on or about October 21, 2002 (substantial completion). From September 21, 2002 to October 21, 2002 there will be a burn in period where we have full operation of all the electronics to test every system while DPW has individuals on site for possible problems. Our sixty (60) day operational/training period is set to begin November 1, 2002. On or about the first of January we will begin inmate occupation. Mr. Wallenstein's original email detailing the completion schedule was distributed to all in attendance.



In Bill Novak's absence, Rob reported on the construction progress. In the last thirty days we have seen the biggest change in the interior of the building. The finishing work is being completed, 90% or more of all the floors are complete, walls are painted, and top to bottom cleaning is being done. Punch out is starting to take place.

Officers have been assigned to key control and electronic systems. They follow the installers/testers everywhere they go in the building. Central Control (nerve center of the facility) is scheduled to start mid July. Control Officers will be brought up from MCDC to control all doors and electronic systems from that point on.


From this point forward transportation will become a major involvement. With the start-up dates firm, we will contact Phil McLaughlin, with the Transit Department to start attending CBAG meetings.


The siren has been purchased. There is an approximately 8-12 week waiting period to have this installed. Within the next calendar month we will begin a series of meetings with our CBAG Siren Committee. A general community meeting will be set so that the community has an opportunity to come and give input.
The Dialogic Reverse 911 System (a reverse system that actually calls your residence if your number is entered or a certain zip code to notify you of an emergency) has become problematic. The County is in the process of updating the software for this system. This should not be a major issue and we anticipate the upgrade of the software will be soon.


We are trying to increase our recycling from 60% to 90%. There are a few ideas for recycling food waste but we are waiting on approval by the County.


Rob gave an update of the condemnation of the property on the corner of Rt. 121 and Whelan Lane. The County has proceeded with condemnation procedures of which the owner has appealed (a six month process). The County may have to request an additional survey because the property includes land on the opposite side of Whelan Lane. DPW is handling this issue.


It is estimated that the Simulated Incarceration will be some time in December, 2002. There was concern about scheduling this when there may be other holiday community activities. We will do our best to schedule this when it does not interfere with school or other community events in early December, 2002. It cannot be held until the facility is fully completed and accepted and staff training well underway. 550 invitations will be sent seeking 200-300 participants.


Custody and Security is 100% staffed. There are two nurse positions that are still open.


With the MCDC Reuse project fully funded, MCDC will go through a complete renovation. The MCDC Reuse budget for the first year is $1 million for the architecture and design. The proposed amount for the full project is approximately $20 million.

The project qualifies for matching State funds. It will be turned into a Criminal Justice Campus with Health and Human Services, Mental Health Services, Police Department, and Central Processing Unit. Maximum bed capacity will be reduced to 200 beds.


Vonda reported on the volunteer support for the new facility. She receives many applications a week, with her database totaling 350. Steve asked Vonda to call him if there is a need for more volunteers. Once we move into the new facility and the existing programs are running smoothly, Vonda will do a needs analysis for volunteers in this area. Vonda will be holding orientations on various days, at various times during the 60 day training period at MCCF.


Has the Kingsley Wilderness School gotten their fence yet? We are waiting on the approval of the Historical Society before anything can begin. We will be providing a fence, gate and a light on the barn.

The next meeting will be a TOUR, July 16, 2002.
Meet at the MCCF parking lot.
Tour begins at 7:00 pm.